$50.00 - 1 hour

Our approach is to train your dog with love, respect, and mutual compromise.

How we achieve this?
We use positive reinforcement (treats or toys) to reach our goals. Your homework will be the most important part of the training, the more you work with your dog, the faster the results that we will achieve.

Do you use clickers?
Yes, if you want to.

Why clickers?
The advantage of clickers is that they always have the same sound. Therefore the dogs do not get emotionally distressed when they hear a click. On the other hand, if you use your voice and you are frustrated because your dog is not doing what you are asking him to do, then your voice will sound stressed, and the dog may not obey you.

Will I need to have treats near me all the time?
In the beginning, yes! But then you will wean your dog from the treats with the same result. However, it is important to start with something your dog loves, in this way, he will do things faster for you.

How long will my dog take to learn basic commands?
Every dog is different, some breeds are pleasers and are easier to train than other breeds. But it is imperative that you do your homework as many times as possible, so your dog gets the idea of what you want him to do faster.

Can my dog forget his training?
Yes and no. Your dog will remember the training, but training a dog is something that you will have to do for the rest of your dog’s life. If you stop using a command, most likely your dog will stop performing the desired behavior.

Have you worked with fear or aggressive behaviors?
Yes, I started my training education because I have a fearful dog. Sam doesn’t like to be near strangers, so to help her, I began studying at Animal Behavior College. She will be a fearful dog for the rest of her life, but at least now I can bring people to my house without her freaking out completely.

I have also helped other dogs with fear aggression, leash reactivity, fear and anxiety behaviors.

Seminars That I have Taken:
Dog Play “Gone Bad”
Aggression to People

Books That I have Read:
I’ll Be Home Soon! – How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety

The Cautious Canine – How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears

Be Safe, Be Responsible: Understanding Dog-Dog & Dog-Human Communication

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals